LogMeIn Ignition, the popular (if somewhat pricey) remote access app available for iOS devices, recently underwent a few changes - adding a couple of nifty new multimedia based features. In light of this we thought it only best to give it the once over.

And we liked it enough to include it as our App of The Day...

LogMeIn Ignition

iPad / iPhone

LogMeIn Ignition is an app that works in tandem with either Windows or Mac software (a free version or a pro version with added goodies) that lets you access your files when you're out and about - and even gives you direct access to your machine's desktops.

Setting up is easy - simply install the app on your iPad or iPhone (or both) and download the desktop software that you want direct from LogMeIn's website. It's then just a case of pairing up your devices using the log in procedure; you can also set a username and password for added security.

Once paired, your iDevice now has access to all of your PC's goodies (so all your programs and data) that you want it to, so long as that machine is turned on. If it's not turned on, Ignition even has functionality to boot it up, or awaken it from a nap.

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It works via Wi-Fi and 3G although we found that the 3G connection, especially when using the remote desktop function, can be a tad laggy - turning down the colour settings seemed to speed it up though.

You don't need to just use the app as a window to your PC's desktop though - there's a nice file manager setup that makes retrieving files easy, as well as attaching and saving email attachments on your mobile device too. And, if you've got more than one PC linked up with the app you can even transfer files between these as well.

Plus, you can save files for offline viewing - handy if you need to review an important document on your commute but you know that you won't always have a signal.

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Version 2.1.299 of the app, which hit the App Store earlier this month, also makes it easier to transfer your pictures and videos over to your iDevice, and even lets you create a new folder within your iPad or iPhone's native photo app - meaning you don't have to sync media using iTunes any longer.

It's a welcome addition to what was already a great app. Sure £20+ for an app is a lot, but when you consider it's an app that basically turns your iThing into a functional PC then it's not really all that expensive.