The Big G's social network has been making waves amongst technology fans glad to see a change from the usual blue and white Facebook website.

Those interested in giving Google+ a whirl can sign up at and would do well to check out our extensive coverage here as things can initially seem slightly complicated. 

App-wise, until now Google+ has remained an Android only affair, with an iPhone app now released and then updated after Apple made a mistake at launch. 

Google+ (iPhone) 

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The app itself is slick as anything, booting up and immediately offering instant access to all the usual Google+ functions. 

Notifications like circle adds are handled at the bottom, in a very very similar way to the iPhone Facebook app. You can also start huddles via names, emails or entire circles. Huddles run smooth and aren't a massive drain on battery, making them a useful mobile Skype replacement.

app of the day google iphone  image 2

Organising things isn't massively easy as the app kept crashing out on us whenever we tried to add someone to a new circle. 

You can however easily select groups of people and view posts by those in different circles, making a nicely refined news feed.

The photos section is our personal favourite, being particularly speedy when scrolling between snaps and allowing you to view uploads from individuals within your circles. No background uploads however, which the Android version benefits from. 

app of the day google iphone  image 3

As of now Google+ is still in its infancy and as is the case with any social network, its the number of friends and colleagues you have that really make it count. Us Pocket-linters all being immensely popular geeks already have truckloads of friends to enrich our Google+ experience, but things feel like they still have only scratched the surface of what Google's service is capable of.

Having a smartphone app pretty much from the outset, especially one as slick as this, means that Google+ has got a serious head start in the app department over other rivalling networks currently launching. It still has a bit of catchup to do in order to play with the big boys but without the crashes, the Google+ iPhone app is one of the best social networking apps available.