Restaurant fans and the shopping obsessed will like this one. Using a Foursquare style check-in system, the Quidco app allows you to get location based discounts, finding things like nearby deals and two for one offers. 

Select shops will even pay you for your check in with anything up to 50p. The app tailors the offers based on your own user profile. This means you only get what is relevant to you.


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Once you have picked out a deal you like, head into the shop and show the barcode or voucher code to the shop assistant. Checking in is done once inside the premises. 

The application also takes advantage of maps to give you a better idea of where offers are in relation to your location. Word of warning, do this on somewhere like Oxford Street and you may find yourself getting a bit of offer overload, whilst simultaneously breaking the bank. 

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The app also integrates completely into Facebook and Twitter, meaning you can share deals with friends. The UI is simple and straightforward, with nearby and dedicated search buttons under separate tabs. My Quidco allows you to manage your profile in app. 

Currently stores like Gap and the Carphone Warehouse are offering 25p on check-in. Places like Evans Cycles and Cineworld also have in store offers on. Check out Quidco's website to see more of the over 3000 restaurants and shops involved.

Like a good offer? Or you not a fan of sales?