Throwing birds at buildings, cutting ropes, slicing fruit? Pansy gaming! What is all this 21st century nonsense all about? If you find yourself getting irritated with all the tripe and want some good, old fashioned fun, then today's App of the Day is for you. Brightly coloured basic look pixel graphics, aliens and space; it has to be...


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You're a space ship from Earth sent to stop a horde of aliens moving left across the screen and then right across the screen moving down one line at a time as they do so on their way to destroy mankind. Sound familiar? Good, because that's really the fun of what Radiant is all about.

It's a joining of Asteroids and Space Invaders brought ever so slightly closer to the modern day with the introduction of cash to collect, weapons to buy with it and a little dose of ironic humour with the use of cut scene communication to tell the story of the game. While the plot part of things is totally superfluous, the added fire power is lots and lots of fun.

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The whole look and feel of the game on Android and iOS is very, very smooth and the controls instinctive enough to never have to think about a second time. The game comes in an HD variant on both platforms specially for tablets, as well as a lite version for anyone who can stomach the ads. Prices range slightly across the types and platforms but whichever you go for is well worth the outlay.

Possibly the only annoyance is that you can't move up and down the screen and it might have been nice to have a fire button as opposed to the auto but it's an ease of use trade off, ultimately. There's over 100 levels, 10 boss fights, online leaderboards and all sorts of bits and pieces to unlock as well. It might not be a risky idea but it's certainly a solid download.