Blurb have been pioneering the world of online publishing and printing for some time now. With their app, Blurb Mobile, they have paired their photo knowledge with innovative app design. The result is one of the best social platforms for photo stories and sharing we have seen. 


Free, £1.29
App Store

Blurb Mobile works by allowing you to create shareable photo and video layouts, complete with captions and even audio recordings. Once you open the app you will be asked to register and login, get this out of the way and you can immediately set about creating your first story.

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Once you are setup, you are going to want to start inserting photos and other content into the story. Do this by either shooting straight from iPhone camera to the app, or look through stored images on your handset. You can then caption stills or recording audio to go along with the slideshow. Photos themselves can be rotated and cropped. Themes can also be selected to act as a background to your shots.

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The Blurb Mobile app is heavily social-centric, so once you have created a story you are proud of, you are going to want to tap share. You will be given the option to sign in with Facebook or Twitter or to simply email your creation to whoever you want. 

The free Blurb Mobile offering is limited to up to 8 images per story, 30 second audio clips and 10 seconds of video. Blurb Mobile Plus allows for slightly longer recording times of two minutes of audio and 30 seconds of video, with up to 15 images used in a story.