Whether you're a believer in young enterprise or children's charity, today's app is one to download, and at just 59p, we'd like you to do so by the end of this article. We've already featured the story behind this piece of 3rd party iOS software but if you haven't had a chance to read our interview with the young developers, then meet...



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Paraslinger is an addictive-style alien attack game where just a slingshot and your finger lie between waves of enemies parachuting from above and the annihilation of the earth. You get to use power-ups, combo attacks and an unlimited supply of coconut ammunition to last out as long as possible and reach your glory at the top of the worldwide leaderboard. Currently, you'll need to crack a score of around 120,000 which took one of the developers a 35-minute session to achieve.

Paraslinger isn't a high graphics app and the group of four 17-year-old chaps who brought it to market are well aware of that. Instead, they've gone for a quick hit kind of approach and what they've come up with is something that works very nicely even down to the action of the catapult.

The boys want to add extra touches such as multiplay over Bluetooth once they get some more money together but they could do with a little of your support as could the Great Ormond Street charity to which they give half of their profits.

Basically, today's App of the Day is one of all round good eggery. Download it, enjoy it and know that it's for a good cause whichever way you look at it. Well, apart from Apple's 18p cut, unfortunately.