With free minutes allowances constantly growing and more and more people ditching the landline for the mobile, those pesky 0870 and 0845 numbers remain a costly nuisance. 

Thanks to this incredibly useful anti-0870 app you can now circumnavigate expensive calls by using a suggested landline contact number. The application searches a database of around 13,000 companies to find 01, 02 or cheaper 08 numbers. It doesn't always get it right, but bigger companies often have a direct line contact number, in some cases helping you skip call-queues



0870 is a very simple app, presenting you with the usual stock iPhone dialer and then searching the database instantly for alternatives. Once one is found it will give you the option to call the number directly from the application itself. 

Simple but incredibly useful, if you are the sort of person who regularly uses his mobile as a landline alternative you could see the 59p outlay for this shaving a serious amount of cash off your phone bill.

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The only problem with 0870 is that you get so used to it finding alternatives that sometimes you can expect too much. One in five attempts often results in a replacement number fail. 

But the applications designer is constantly updating the database and since its launch we have seen a marked improvement in the apps performance.

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Not a fan of 0870? Or do you like paying?