As great as he is, there are some days when you just don't feel like watching Lewis Hamilton's face on television. Thankfully has a brilliantly in-depth app which keeps you posted with stats so you can avert your gaze from the screen. Those who are less Hamilton-phobic but still require a good ol' fashioned stats screen will also find the app incredibly useful. 2011

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The application comes to life every race day. Push notifications keep you posted on when racing is about to start, with things getting even more exciting once the green light has gone. A rolling text commentary as well as live timing from the Formula One Management's Technical Centre is provided throughout, all over 3G. Whilst not the same as watching things at home on television, it does mean you don't miss out on any juicy lap times. 

Total Formula one obsessives will particularly like the applications ability to beam weather and track temperatures back to your phone as they change.

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The application also operates once races have finished as a sort of backup and encyclopedia of the seasons races. Go back to any previous track and you can find out temperatures, read through commentary and see final results. 

League standings of both driver and team are also provided and update the second that things change. This means the moment McLaren overtake Red Bull you will see it change on the app.

The lack of video feed or highlight reels from races is a bit of a shame, but these can be picked up over at the website itself.  

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Layout-wise the app is nice and simple, keeping up a tabbed approach to everything. This means you can easily switch between things like track data and lap charts instantaneously. 

Personally we like it as an added smartphone bonus to the weekends television coverage. It helps keep the serious Formula one aficionado totally up to date as the race unfolds.