With Feed me Oil, Pocket-lint obviously hit a low spot for our App of The Day series.

We can only apologise for its inclusion, the writer of Monday's effort has a simple mind and is pleased by the most basic applications. He can turn violent sometimes too, so we sometimes have to humour him and allow his suggestions into our hallowed feature.

Just by writing this concession, we have risked facing his ire - but like the scientists who risked the wrath of the Catholic church in the middle ages we feel we must persist in our dedication to wisdom.

We must spread the word of more cultural, thought provoking applications. Such as today's App of The Day....

British Library 19th Century Historical Collection


Landing today in the App Store, this is the second British Library app that we've featured on Pocket-lint after the excellent Treasures app.

As well as being a much bigger mouthful, British Library 19th Century Historical Collection, also has a bit more to it than Treasures as well - and has some pretty lofty ambitions.

app of the day british library 19th century historical collection review ipad image 2

At present there are over a thousand books included within the app from classic novels, to works of philosophy, to historical documents and scientific texts. And the aim is, within a few months, for the amount of titles on board to top 60,000.

Not too bad for a free app eh?

“We are delighted that the Library’s partnership with BiblioLabs is going to make this remarkable collection of 19th Century books available to iPad users, making them visible and accessible to a much wider audience than could ever be possible through our reading rooms," said Caroline Brazier, the British Library’s director of Scholarship and Collections.

app of the day british library 19th century historical collection review ipad image 5

"These books provide a wealth of historical, scientific and cultural content for the researcher and more general enthusiast alike, and this project helps bring them to life."

The app isn't all about content either, it's very nicely laid out with easy navigation and a familiar tablet feeling UI. There's also multimedia content such as videos included too.

There's plenty of commentary and additional material associated with each text, and you can even create favourite author lists and save books and documents for offline reading.

It's a fantastically rich application and one that will surely broaden your mind. Well, much more so than Feed Me Oil anyway.