Oil, that black gooey substance we all love to hate has had its fair share of critics of late; the ol' black gold is well overdue a makeover. So it's Chillingo that has taken the task upon itself as it's made oil cool again through a wickedly clever and damn fine iPhone game in the form of...

Feed Me Oil


That's right, Chillingo, the creator of Cut the Rope, has created this excellent physics puzzler, the premise of which is to feed various ground-dwelling creatures the oil that emanates from a pipe hanging from the sky.

app of the day feed me oil review iphone  image 2

This can by done by the well-trodden method of placing a variety of gadgets (platforms, fans, turny things) in the way of the crude in order to guide it to the mouth of said creatures. Points are given for using the bear minimum of items and completing in a decent time - awards vary from one to three stars.

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Gameplay is excellent, the oil's motion in particular being of a realistic and gloopy kind, and whilst there are certain methods that are clearly best for carrying out a particular task, the chaotic nature of the oil means that levels can be completed in a variety of ways. There are hints available for those who find themselves stuck.

app of the day feed me oil review iphone  image 4

Sound is also a highlight, with a nice variety of interesting tunes accompanying your attempts to solve the puzzle. There are also trophies to be had, with Pocket-lint achieving the "oil spiller" trophy nice and early.

What was of particular note, however, is the intuitive controls which make placing, moving and rotating objects a breeze - this makes Feed Me Oil a satisfying and frustration-free puzzler.

Highly recommended for the 59p outlay.