Today’s App Of The Day is for the frequent flyers amongst you. Not afraid to test these things out in the flesh, Pocket-lint hopped on a plane to see whether the BA app for Windows Phone 7 really is worth the bother.

BA (Windows Phone 7)

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It’s free, that’s the first important thing to note for this app. You will need to be a member of BA’s executive club (also free) to use it however. Why? Well because the two are linked with the app basically a way of seeing all your flight details quickly and easily on your phone with a couple of extra benefits along the way.

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To test the app we flew from Heathrow to Paris and back again.

Designed specifically for Windows Phone 7, the app has been adapted and changed from its previous outings to enjoy the WP7 interface of scrolling panoramic menus with settings kept to a minimum. You can use the app to check in, change your seat, and then be your boarding pass for the flight.

Come security at Heathrow Terminal 5 all we had to do was hand our phone over to the security guard at departures. Users of the iPhone and Android app will know how this works, and the guard seemed unphased that we were doing so.

If you’re lucky enough have access to the BA lounge you’ll need to use the app to be scanned to gain access, again staff here were unphased.

In the lounge sadly the Windows Phone 7 option doesn’t give you the lounge Wi-Fi password like the iPhone app, however, like other versions of the BA apps for other operating systems, it is automatically updated with the gate number and any other details that you need to know keeping you from straining to see the departures screen.

Get to the gate and it’s a third scan of your phone and you’re on the plane. It really is that easy.

When you’re not flying (plane mode only remember) you can use the app to check your flight times, your scheduled trips, your pass trips, and exclusive to the Windows Phone version maps of the terminals you are flying to. Handy for finding your gate if you’ve got a connecting flight.

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Other features include the app telling you whether your flight is on time, allowing you to know in advance of getting to the airport, something we experienced on our return home.

Running late and stuck in traffic we were able to fire up the app and instantly see that the flight was delayed - panic somewhat over. Agreed, it’s something that we could have found out via the web, but not as quickly or easily. It’s also worth noting that the system pulls the data from BA’s internal data rather than anywhere else.

So what’s the verdict?

The answer’s simple. If you fly BA, and own a Windows Phone 7 device then this is a must have. In fact if you fly BA and have an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device then you need to download the company’s app straight away as it will save you a lot of hassle flying BA in the future.

A must have.

The BA app will be available from Windows Phone Marketplace from 1 June 2011.