Planning a holiday? Of course you are. A burst of Spring sunshine before the early summer cloudy grey is enough to make anybody reach for their credit cards and calendars and make a beeline for any clime warmer than their own. The only question, naturally, is where to go? In which case, you need...

Ebookers Explorer



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Unlike the kind of run of the mill app version of a eShopping web site, Ebookers has gone a different way with Explorer. More than just a tailor made version of the same thing, the idea here is to present a magazine type experience for the user to browse through, so that they can select the place that they'd like to go next.

app of the day ebookers explorer review ipad  image 2

This works with the app pulling in free user-generated content from around the web on specific locations and repackaging them in a way that we've seen look great on tablets since Flipboard came along. The app grabs video from YouTube, photos from Flickr, tweets from Twitter and blogs from Google and ties them all together along with, of course, the mandatory Ebookers page where you can actually find yourself a hotel to stay in for when you go.

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The app is free - no surprise, given that it's an advertising and marketing tool - and it's available in English, German, French and Finnish. You also get the option of sharing your findings across the social networks at the touch of a button. How generous of you.

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