Sadly, UK readers won't be able to make use of today's App of The Day - it's Stateside only folks.

But we still thought it worthy of inclusion, not only for our American fans - but because even UK fans can appreciate what is, undoubtedly, the biggest Video On Demand app launch to date.

Sure, the BBC iPlayer is brilliant - but does it stream The Sopranos to your smartphone? No. Does it have Curb Your Enthusiasm on tap for your tablet? No.

But this does...

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Supposed to officially launch on 2 May, HBO Go for iOS and Android has been floating around the various app stores (see Steve, it is a generic term) for a few days now - so we thought it only right that we give you details of what's on board.

As you'd expect, at the heart of this app is its content - HBO is claiming that there are over 1,400 shows on offer from its vast catalogue. This includes recent smash hit shows such as Treme and Boardwalk Empire, as well as classics such as Deadwood and The Wire.

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The app itself is free, but you'll need a HBO subscription, as well as a US network that supports the app. The web is awash with user reviews at present so be sure to check these out as well - especially if you're on Android as not all devices are supported.

The shows stream via Wi-Fi and 3G - which is great because it makes the app truly portable. You can even set up your own Watchlist of your favourite shows or use the Series Pass feature to automatically load your lists.

The app also breaks shows down into genres, including a Late Night section which you'll need to set up a pin to access.

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As well as streaming the shows a wealth of info is given on the title, including previews, bios, running times and original aired dates.

But it's the programming that really makes HBO Go a winner. It's an app that US readers with a HBO subscription surely must download at once, and one that makes us Brits very jealous indeed.