Your phone is your entertainment portal, it’s a device that will let you stream your favourite content from your home server, access it on websites or through dedicated apps.

In the absence of an MTV app, today we’re looking at the next best thing. Today is all about music videos and the UK landing of Vevo.

Vevo (Android)

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Vevo has been around in the US for a while, so this one is really for our UK readers. If you like music videos, then Vevo is where it is all at and is pretty much an essential app for your collection.

Until the UK announcement yesterday, Vevo was only available in the US, but had made quite a splash on YouTube, so if you’re a fan of music vids you may already know the name or have seen it there.

Essentially the app just offers you music videos. Land on the homepage and there is a carousel of several featured artists and videos. It’s bold, it looks sharp and there is no messing around. Hit the one you want and the video streams, it’s as simple as that.

Across the bottom of the homepage are basic navigation controls, dividing it into videos, artists, playlists and “more” which offers search. If your Android device has a search button, you can of course search in the normal way.

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app of the day vevo review android  image 6

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app of the day vevo review android  image 4


app of the day vevo review android  image 6

Head into videos and it is all very straight forward: top videos are arranged, currently with LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” topping the charts with Jennifer Lopez “On The Floor” coming second. That will get you shuffling around your kitchen in no time.

If want to break out from the top charts, you can search directly, so if Girls Aloud videos are your penchant, then you’ll be most pleased with the selection.

You get the choice of watching in HQ, assuming you’re on a decent Wi-Fi connection and we found this noticeably stepped up the quality over the lower quality stream. You can also share a video simply by tapping the share link when you are offered your normal Android options.

And that, in a nutshell, is it. It’s clean, simple, direct to the point and easy to use. The selection of videos seems to cover the most popular current artists, so if you have specific tastes you might be disappointed.

It is free however, and just to make the point of what to expect, we’ve embedded a little Britney Spears below for your viewing pleasure.