Apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

Well, for the answers to that question, along with a couple of quirky games as well, simply consult today's App of The Day. Yes, it's meant for children - but everyday's a school day.

Britannica Kids - Ancient Rome

iPad (iPhone version available too)

Firstly, let's clear up any confusion over the price. When Pocket-lint was first sent details about the Encyclopaedia Britannica's new kids app - Britannica Kids - Ancient Rome - we were told that it would cost £4.99. But it's showing in the App Store now for nada.

So if you're interested we'd suggest going there now and nabbing it before a fee is attached.

On to the app itself, and it's definitley worth the £4.99 price-tag that isn't attached to it. It's incredibly informative, rich and entertaining - just as a modern educational app should be - and, even though it's aimed at kids aged 8-12, we bet even the mums and dads out there will learn a thing or two.

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Obviously when you're 8-12 though, learning is boring. But don't worry - the developers know that and that's why they've thrown in a few games.

You can try jigsaw puzzles of the Roman Gods, unscramble images of Ancient Rome in The Magic Square game, paint the famous ancient Roman structures and then try to guess what they are, test your knowledge on Ancient Rome with the quiz or test memory with the Memory Match game.

Kids are connected too, so obviously the app has some social media features. You can tweet your answers or share your results with your pals on Facebook.

There's also plenty of informative multimedia info, including tons of images and a few videos as well.

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Ian Grant, MD of Encyclopædia Britannica UK said: "Educational apps are proving increasingly popular for both parents and children when learning about new and exciting topics.

"We’re finding that for many families, these apps are quickly becoming essential learning tools in helping their children complete their homework or research projects.

"We’re excited to release Ancient Romans as part of Britannica’s on-going commitment to providing expert and reliable content for all of our users."

The app is live now - grab is whilst it's free.