Ah, Good Friday - the day we celebrate (well, not celebrate - that would be a touch harsh) the crucifixion of Jesus H. Christ (the H stands for Henry, we believe) by stuffing our faces full of Easter eggs.

Now, we know what you're thinking (apart from the obvious thought that our religious knowledge is slightly askew) - that Easter eggs are supposed to be received on Easter Sunday.

Well, if you grew up with a sibling as rotundly-challenged as Pocket-lint's, you'd understand the need to get the eggs down our throats as early as possible.

So, here at Pocket-lint, we're kicking off the Easter celebrations today, by bringing you a Easter-themed App of the Day.....

Bubble Blast Easter

Android Market

Okay, so we admit that Bubble Blast Easter isn't the greatest game we've ever played, but it is pretty addictive and is a bit different from the other group and pop games that you might be used to.

Yeah we said "group and pop" - that's a game genre now, don't you know?

app of the day bubble blast easter review android  image 3

Bubble Blast is a game where you have to pop the bubbles (or eggs or Easter bunnies in this instance) to set off a chain reaction. It isn't just popping groups of similar bubbles - each bubble has a reaction that alters the bubbles around it. Actually, it's quite difficult to explain, but it's fairly straightforward once you start playing.

Fans of the Bubble Blast series won't find anything new in terms of gameplay (it's like Bubble Blast 2, rather than the original), but there are over 2,000 levels in puzzle mode, as well as the more relaxed (and less stressful) Arcade mode.

app of the day bubble blast easter review android  image 2

And what's more it's free. And we can't think of a better way to pay your respects to JC.