Quickoffice is one of the world’s most popular office apps, having been downloaded 350m times, and is available on a number of devices including Android, Symbian, iOS and many more.

It's now also available on Google’s Honeycomb flavour (Android 3.0) with a new dedicated version called Quickoffice Pro HD. Result...

Quickoffice Pro HD

Android Honeycomb
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Tablets are great for mucking about the Internet, playing the odd game and generally not doing much from the comfort of your sofa, but what if you’ve got to do some work? Maybe write a document, or check out a spreadsheet?

Quickoffice Pro HD has been specifically designed for Honeycomb to take advantage of the new operating system's features, such as the higher resolutions and bigger screen sizes - so is perfectly suited to the new breed of Android tablets, like the Motorola Xoom and Asus Transformer.

And as it's an all-in-one office suite, you shouldn't need anything else...

Cloud support

The new app will let you create, view and edit Microsoft Office files, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, and access them through a number of cloud-based services, like Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync and MobileMe, or from an SD card that you’ve got in the device. 

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It ultimately means that you’ve got full office control over your documents regardless of whether you’’ve got them stored locally or not. It's incredibly clever and currently beats Google Docs in creating an Offline mode to work on, although you do need to be online to access the files 


Yep, like any word processor you’re used to on a desktop, Quickoffice Pro HD will allow you to completely manage your word documents from a whole host of formats and treat them as if you were on a Windows PC.

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Text can be highlighted in the device and then, using the Honeycomb features, searched for on the web straight away (providing you’re connected). Pictures can be added and manipulated, and the whole process is quick and simple.


Yep, we know they're boring (unless you're a Football Manager fan, in which case they're the entire basis of a game), but you’ve got to look at them from time to time. Here you get the ability to create, view and edit Excel spreadsheets (.xls & .xlsx).

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While it doesn’t look like it has full Macro support, you can link cells, add formulas and do most tasks you’ll need for on-the-go editing.


Like with documents and spreadsheets, you’re able to create and edit PowerPoint presentations via Quickoffice Pro HD. That includes dragging and dropping slides to set orders, WYSIWYG editing, and the ability to insert an image or take images from the gallery if the device has a camera.


There’s plenty more to Quickoffice Pro HD than we could do justice here on App of the Day. There’s PDF support, copy and paste between different files, and superb integration with Honeycomb, which all adds up to an app that has all the potential of replacing the need for a computer and Microsoft Office altogether.

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And, the real kicker is that it’s just $14.99 compared with £320 - a steal! Get it while it’s hot.