How do you improve on a classic? Well it's a tricky ask, not least because classics usually hold a great deal of importance to the people who have watched, listened, read or played them. Ask any fan if they should remake Star Wars and they'll probably tell you where to go.

And although our app of the day doesn't quite have the cult status of Star Wars, and to be fair it's part of some wider merchandising for a film release, it's good to know that this update to the classic platformer Doodle Jump, keeps all of its charm and excellent playability - with just a change of character and visuals to spice things up - oh, as well as a few new additions.

Doodle Jump: Hop The Movie

iPhone / iPod touch

Jumping on the back of the kid's Easter movie HOP, for those who haven't played Doodle Jump before the gameplay and task at hand is simple in the extreme: using your idevice's accelerometer guide your character onto various platforms by way of jumping; miss and it's game over. Doodle Jump: HOP The Movie follows this format pretty much exactly.

app of the day doodle jump hop the movie review iphone  image 2

As you get higher the tension gets ever greater and the platforms ever-more perilous, and the level is cleared once you reach the top and find your special Easter egg.

app of the day doodle jump hop the movie review iphone  image 3

There are 25 levels in all, with a new one being available everyday in the lead up to the Movie launch, so it should keep you going for a while; there's also all manner of platforms to try and get to grips with, a few of which disappear, explode and break. Your rabbit also has the ability to fire Easter eggs in order aid progress.

Not surprising, as the game's free, the in app advert gives you plenty of opportunity to buy tickets for the film, but even if you're not a fan of the movies this is definitely worth a look.