With the release of Apple's latest iteration of iPad we thought it only fitting to feature an app which would allow you to take advantage of one of the few new features that the iPad 2 sports over its older sibling; in this case its front-facing camera.

Yes, with this photo-booth related offering you'll be able to re-live those moments of having your picture taken in a foul-smelling, dreary box; with the resulting image (after the obligatory 5 minute wait) giving you a look akin to a serial killer. It's just as well that the image would only be your official passport photo for the next 10 years.


iPhone / iPod touch

The other use for the infamous photo booth was when having a crazy time with buddies or a special friend, where you'd bundle into said dreary box to have your pic done, and its this experience that the app tries to jump on the back of (although Pocket-lint didn't get a special friend until 30 years of age and so is not talking from first-hand experience).

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In practise and the app does everything very well with a quality feel throughout; the makers, Synthetic Corp, of Hipstamatic fame, clearly know how to put together a polished camera-based app.

Once you have everyone you want in frame, hit the button and you'll get four shots with four different retro effects, whereby you can share one or all of the photos through the usual channels. Time, date and location are also included.

There's no word on whether you'll be able to import lenses and filters from the Hipstamatic range, but if you're into the whole analogue-fad-on-digital-device thing then for the money this is well worth a look.