As we write, England is struggling to stay in the Cricket World Cup 2011, having been beaten by both Ireland and Bangladesh - supposedly technically inferior teams. But, do you know what? We don't care. There has been so much quality cricket being played by other teams in the tournament, that our patriotic leanings are tempered by worldwide craftsmanship.

And that's why ESPN's cricket application will do right by us all the way through to the final and beyond. Remember, an app's not just for a quadrennial tournament, it's for life (of your handset, anyway)...


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Let's be frank from the off here, if you're not one for spreadsheets of statistics, ESPNcricinfo isn't really for you. We'd actually go as far to say that cricket isn't really for you. However, if can find the merest ounce of excitement in batting percentages, this specific application is a no brainer.

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Offering essentially all of the information on the sports service's similarly titled website, cricinfo presents it in a much handier, portable fashion, allowing you to find out the latest news, scores, country rankings and more with nary a flick of a finger. It cunningly uses vertical and horizontal tilting to switch from basic to fleshed-out scorecards, and, should you have a subscription, even offers up a swathe of video from the archives.

In addition, if you set it up for "push notifications" it'll even refresh during matches, giving you a running live score service throughout the day. And if you tell it what country you support, it will tailor content to favour that team - great if you are following the current Cricket World Cup.

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On the menu system, there's plenty of additional accessible sections, for fixtures, results, rankings, records and the like, and these will remain handy when the CWC has long finished and the domestic season starts up again.

The app is completely free, and there's no subscription fee (like with the broadcaster's ESPN Goals footy equivalent), possibly because there's plenty of advertising (for Saab) across the software.

Like we said before, if you're into cricket (or Saabs) you should get ESPNcricinfo tout suite. Howzat!