Digging is something that every human being, and indeed most living things, can relate to. At one time or another most of us have picked up a shovel, spade, or perhaps our mother's prized silver spoon and used it to dig with.

Animals are the same, they can't help but dig around in the dirt, the only difference being that animals tend to use the tools that god gave them, as opposed to silver spoons which, although great for digging, aren't so great when it comes to keeping on the good side of the owner.

Part of the wonder of digging is that there lies a mysterious element to it; always wondering, never knowing what lies beneath. Although not strictly true, as we've developed a whole range of technology to assist us in finding oil, minerals and anything of value really, digging still holds a certain magic. So if digging the garden isn't you thing, you can get your fix by downloading..

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An update to the even older I Dig It, this has been around a little while now, but I Dig It Expeditions is an absolutely cracking title and is an adventure game in tis own right, coming with all the ingredients that'll keep you coming back for more.

These consist of a well balanced earnings to upgrade spending ratio, so fitting out your digger is never as straightforward as you'd perhaps like. However, in the case of I Dig Expeditions this just encourages you to dig further and deeper in the search of that elusive "thing".

There a multiple levels to explore, as well as a bit of underwater action, and the whole game feels well thought out and has plenty of longevity. Dig, find as much booty as possible and then return to the service to upgrade your digger so you can hopefully go that little bit deeper next time.

The graphics are good, and if we were being honest it can get a little repetitive once you've completed the lion's share, although there's plenty to keep you coming back and even at the rather pricey £1.79 it still makes for pretty good value.