Out of the thousands of mobile apps that grace our smartphones, there are a select few that really hit the mark. There are many reasons for this, but when it comes to gaming apps it is usually the case that the developers have hit on a concept that's essentially very simple, but highly addictive.

And this is definitely the case with Flight Control which has now come to Android.

Android Market

The aim of the game is to guide an assortment of aircraft safely onto their respective runways, whilst avoiding mid-air crashes. As you progress through the game aircraft get more numerous, and given the different speeds at which they all travel it can prove quite tricky.

And that's basically it. However it's in the nice touches and responsive controls that make this game a real star.

Guiding the aircraft is done with a swipe of the finger; drawing a line from the vehicle to the runway, which is all very precise. There are handy warnings for when your aircraft get too close and also a very handy speed-up mode for when you get more proficient, meaning the early stages of the game can be advanced through at a fairly brisk pace.

At the moment, where the Android version becomes a little unstuck compared to that of its iOS counterpart is that there appears to be fewer maps, though this may well be fixed in future updates; and cost, as you'll be paying £3 for the game.

However, it's still a cracking title, and it'll be very welcome for many an Android user.

As ever you can share your scores with the online community if you wish, but if you want to get anywhere near the top you're going to have to put in some serious hours.