You've mastered Angry Birds, you've Flick Kicked until you can score no more and now it's time to look for a new casual game to eat up your time, your life and make journeys pass in the blink of an eye. Welcome Android users. This is your lucky day because today is the day you discovered...

Tank Hero



Android Market

Although the name might suggest a rhythm game of some sort, Tank Hero is far from it. It's a top down blast um up with you, as a tank, taking on the might of several other tanks inside levels that look a bit like sections of a maze.

You zip about the screen using a number of different control options on your phone - trackpad/ball, finger swipe or virtual d-pad. You also use your other hand to tap where you want to launch your shells. Your tank can take three hits from enemy tanks - who come in a variety of hardness - and the idea is to kill everyone else before they do the same to you.

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You can save up for different weapons if playing in Survival Mode which include a multi-blast spray as well as the heat seeker which can bend round corners. If that's too easy, you can just stick to your basic rockets which can bounce off one wall as it is.

What starts as a bit meh soon turns into quite a serious addiction. There's the usual gold, silver and bronze medals for level completion to get all anal about and some really nice sounds effects that make blowing up other tanks something you start thinking about throughout the day.

Tank Hero is free, so you've no excuse not to download it and give it a go. You won't be disappointed.

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