As the sun goes down over another tech-filled 24 hours here at Pocket-lint it's comforting to remember that no matter what news comes out of the depths, App of the Day remains a constant; bringing you all that's best.

And this particular app, of the gaming variety, is an absolute cracker as it not only requires lightening reactions, but huge guns as well. So if you like your shoot 'em ups and you're sporting an iPod or iPhone you might just want to take a look at...

Gun Bros


When Pocket-lint first saw this we were reminded of one of the all time classic top-down shooters, Chaos Engine. Gun Bros is similar in that you control one of two beefy dudes packing large weapons with the sole purpose of killing as many alien meanies as possible - in this case T.O.O.L.

app of the day gun bros review iphone  image 3

But there's another side to Gun Bros; as you progress you'll collect Xplodium which you can then use in exchange for cold-hard cash - there's also refinery upgrades which take longer to process the ore but hold greater return - this along with XP means you can level up and get hold of meatier weapons.

However, due to the free nature of the game, the makers, Glu, offer a way to get hold of the latest guns through in-app purchases  - the system seems fair offering up a balance between in-game achievement and buying your way to the top as some equipment is locked you still need to do the hard work.

app of the day gun bros review iphone  image 2

Playing the game and the dual-stick control method is reasonably slick and doesn't get in the way of the action too much, and there's plenty going on to keep you interested for some time.

There's also been a recent update, which apparently brings improvements to game performance as well as a few bug fixes, and new levels are said to be in the pipeline.