Pocket-lint has always enjoyed a game in which we get to play some kind of Tycoon, ever since the now classic Pizza Tycoon game came to the Amiga we've enjoyed all the virtual wheeling and dealing that the genre has to offer.

So when we saw the opportunity to download Pawn Store Tycoon we couldn't wait to start making our fortune. And as luck would have it, although basic, it turns out to be pretty addictive.


A relative newcomer to the App Store, released 2 February 2011, Pawn Store Tycoon doesn't grab you with fancy graphics or any fast-paced action, however that somehow isn't an issue as the simple task of upgrading your shop to improve popularity and therefore increase you profit proves enough to get you hooked.

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Initially the tutorial will run you through the basics, although you'll probably be able to work out most of it by yourself, showing you how to fit you shop out and upgrade shelving units in order to increase the amount and variety of stock on offer. You'll start out flogging CDs, before dishing out shotguns, all the way up to precious metals.

The game runs in a very familiar fashion to many games of this ilk, but where the attraction really lies (apart from the 59p download price) is the skill in working out where best to make a profit, although if you don't have enough of something customers will leave unhappy.

There's also special items on offer, where you'll be required to go through a haggling process with an individual, which although straightforward can result in you getting your fingers burnt.

You can share your in-game score through Facebook and GameCenter, and it's definitely worth a download if trading is your thing