Sure, your Android phone or tablet is a great source of fun and entertainment, but there are times when you need to ignore the urge to smash up some pigs, forgo the pictures of Kim Jong il looking at things and get on with some work.

But that doesn't mean you cannot stay connected to your Android-baby - after all, with an app like today's App of The Day inclusion, you can amend that spreadsheet, read through that important memo, or set up tomorrow's presentation without firing up the laptop.....

Picsel Smart Office

Android Market Place

Yes, we know - there are a vast array of office suites for Android out there that we could have selected. But do you know how many of these apps have a novelty 3D gimmick attached to them?

One, that's how many - and it's Picsel Smart Office that brings 3D to the office app party.

Whilst you might not see any need to have your Word or Excel spreadsheets in the third dimension - there is perhaps a call for 3D presentations. And, with the 3D option being anaglyphic, it means that you can grab a load of cheap specs and hand them out to your colleagues in the boardroom.

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Apart from the 3D feature, this is a rather swanky little office suite, with full support for Microsoft Office files (.docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt) PDFs and image files too.

The UI is very swish, with a neon-blue demeanour and there's a good cover-flow like document viewer on board as well.

Another handy feature is that, when you're in a document, you can click the "Flow" button and it automatically resizes it for your phone or tablet. We were testing it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it worked effortlessly.

Formatting options are all on board (and look just like their Microsoft equivalents) and once you get used to the gestures required to select text and begin editing, you'll be away.

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It's never going to be as much fun as catapulting birds, or looking at comedy pictures on the web but when you do need to get serious with your Android device then Picsel Smart Office is just the ticket.

The app is also available on iOS and Bada devices, and it's coming soon to Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.