Out of all the damned nuisances that life throws at us, parking tickets must be one of the worst. For us Brits anyway; we can take curt sales staff, the bad weather, the high cost of living - but give us a parking ticket and the red mist will descend. From mild mannered manager to maniacal monstrosity in a millisecond.

However, thankfully there's now a way around it, as you can ensure that you're never late back to your vehicle as a quick download of this recently updated app will show.


iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Yes, it's Honk. Not toot, nor hoot nor parp. Although I'm sure those names were bandied around by the marketing team at some point in the apps evolution. It may have a rather amusing name, but its application is pretty handy as it'll allow you to keep track of when and where you parked.

app of the day honk review iphone  image 2

Using its photo and GPS functionality the app will allow you to store info on time and place and is very simple to use; just set the time of your stay, quit the app and then it'll continually update showing a minute by minute countdown on the homescreen.

There's also a memo function which lets you scrawl a quick description of your whereabouts before you leave, and even superimpose this onto a photo. It may seem a bit over the top, but we can see this being particularly handy if you're in a strange place and parked slightly off the beaten track.

Thankfully, the apps also had a recent update, as it suffered from a few bugs where Honk failed to refresh meter display.

Handy and a snip at 59p.