So we finally come to the end of Snow Week, and what a week it's been. We've brought you all manner of useful ski wear, tips, and gadgetry to help you find, survive and enjoy the slopes.

There's also been some crackingly useful apps over the last few days. And we thoroughly recommend that you don't leave home without them. Some of them could, literally, save your life.

This isn't one of them...

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
59p (currently on sale)

Solipskier is quite unashamedly bonkers. Based loosely on Line Rider, the Internet sensation that had you draw slopes for a little graphical tobogganist to traverse, this specific app ramps up the speed, addictiveness, and even chucks in gameplay for good measure.

Rather than control the on-screen skier, you control the snow under his skis. Indeed, you must constant ensure that he has ground to ski on, otherwise he'll just plummet and that's the end of that.

app of the day solipskier review iphone ipod touch ipad  image 3

You control the speed by drawing downward or upward slopes, and the aim is to pass through gates and tunnels along the way, to earn mega points. Even bigger points can also be won by having your wee fella leap through the gates, and to help there are on-screen markers to tell you where the next one is going to appear (and how far it is away). You must make sure you manage to catch the blighter again though.

That's about it really. The music helps the action with its frenetic pace, and there are some very decent touches, such as the soundtrack cutting out completely when your skier loses his headphones. Plus, as the level progresses, the gates become harder to get through, and some of them become red herrings - you mustn't go through them at all.

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Mikengreg's Solipskier is very much a game in the same mould as Canabalt or Grim Joggers, in that it is relentless. However, there's actually a lot more gameplay and skill involved that merely jumping in the air and over obstacles. It does have exactly the same "one more go" aspect though, and is extraordinarily addictive.

It also works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and is currently on sale on iTunes with 66 per cent off. So, what are you waiting for? There's snow excuse... Groan.