It might not be snowing outside, but it certainly is at Pocket-lint Towers (not literally, of course - just in our minds) as we continue our snow week.

So far we've featured survival tips Bear Grylls stylee and a learn to ski 101 app for App of the Day as well as Satski which is designed to help the would-be skier/snowboarder find their way around the piste.

And now, you lucky snow fans you, it's time for yet another snow-based App of The Day.....




On Wednesday we featured the extremely popular Satski app, and whilst it is often regarded as the no.1 ski-based app, there is quite a cult following for today's App of The Day - iTrailMap 3D.

iTrailMap 3D is an iPhone app that comes in at a pound cheaper than Satski, but still offers a rich variety of content, as well as some incredibly useful features that will stop you straying off-piste (unless you want to of course).

app of the day itrialmap 3d review iphone  image 4

The GPS mode pin points your location and you get an incredibly detailed 3D rendering of the mountains around you (with slope details overlappped) so it's much more user friendly in terms of getting your bearings. You can zoom in and pan around the virtual representation of your location and you can also download paper and piste maps to the app as well.

It stores the map data on the iPhone's internal memory (so make sure you clear some space for it before you hit the slopes) so doesn't need a phone network to operate.

app of the day itrialmap 3d review iphone  image 2

Not only will it help you to stay on track, it will also record your tracks so you can show your buddies back at the bar, as well as telling you your vertical feet and the total distance skied or borded.

There are 750+ resorts currently available for the app - you can check to see if yours is included on the Big Air Software website.