Whilst companies were again breaking down technological barriers at CES 2011, producing super hi-tech handheld devices which can take quality pics and serve HD video, it may seem odd that many people hanker after mobile apps which produce the effect of making any footage taken with said device look, well, a bit crap.

However, if this is what the market demands who are we to argue, and if nothing else we're sure you'll have a good deal of fun shooting shoddy-looking video with our featured app of the day...

8mm Vintage Camera

iOS 4.1 or later

This app is similar in style to the very popular Hipstamatic app that we featured in 2010, as it produces various tarnished effects to your otherwise decent iPhone 4 video, giving the impression it was taken 80 years ago.

The difference here is that, as the 8mm moniker suggests, the app is film, sorry video, based and as such, according to the developers at least, brings back the "beauty and magic of old school vintage movies".

The app will allow you to add Dust and scratches, retro colours, flickering, light leaks and frame jitters, all of which can be produced with a single tap or swipe. For your £1.19 you'll get five "lenses" including Clear, Flickering Frame, Spotlight, Light Leak and Color Fringing; these can then be mixed with five different "films" - 1920, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena - to produce a variety of different effects. There's also a jitter button to replicate the frame displacement made by old 8mm projectors.

If you haven't clicked on the video yet, everything will become clear, or possibly just grainy, when you do; so for anyone into the whole pseudo-retro photography vibe then this app is certainly one to consider.