The new year cometh and with it a fresh new series of apps to divulge, as Pocket-lint brings you what's best in its App of the Day slot.

This coming year we'll be featuring all sorts, but this particular effort for the iPhone will mean a whole host of services right at your fingertips and best of all its free.





This is a dedicated iPhone app, as the "i" in the name suggests, from bringing millions of official residential and business listings in the UK directly to your phone, and now after a shaky start and much-needed bug fixing it looks as though the app is firing on all cylinders.

The free to download i192 app delivers free directory enquiries, meaning all manner of business and residential phone numbers and addresses can be searched for, although you will have to pay for searches on the Edited Electoral Roll - "Premium data costing £1.19 in the UK per-search reveals 24m edited Electoral Roll records and 5m Director records".

app of the day i192 review iphone  image 2

However, one of the best features of the app is the way it offers up business listings. The app is synchronised with the iPhone’s GPS, which allows for the listings to be prioritised based on your location and viewed on a map. Business listings are sorted by relevance and proximity rather than Google visibility or advertising.

The GPS synchronisation also works with the app’s time-sensitive user interface as it'll display different icons for different types of business at different times of day and night. As puts it: "During daylight hours, the app displays one-click business links for cafes and shops and at night these links will switch to relevant businesses and services, for example, bars clubs and taxis.

Apart from being handy it should also save you a few bob.

As ever, if you've used the app or are planning to download, let us know what you think in the comments below.