App of the Day fans, how cruelly life has treated you.

Not only was your favourite Pocket-lint feature not present throughout the whole of December, due to the App-vent calendar appearing in its place, it has also had to sit out the first week of January as bank-holidays and, more noticeably, CES 2011 took its toll on team Pocket-lint.

But now it's back in all of it's glory, dusting off the cobwebs and ready for action. It's like the 1968 Elvis Presley comeback, but with less leather.

And to kick off, we've got a belter and an app that has only just been released.....

iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Android
£1.19 - £2.39 but set to rise
iTunes / Android Market

British Library: Treasures is the first smartphone app from the world's largest library (in terms of books and articles, not area).

It is a guide-based app, designed with developers Toura that it states will "present a rich selection of the items featured in the Library’s Sir John Ritblat Treasures Gallery, providing the opportunity for interaction with the Library’s collections at home, on the move or within the Gallery itself".

The app is a multimedia hot-bed of information and entertainment (we refuse to use the word infotainment, except to condemn it) with over 100 of the Library’s greatest collection items featured in its 250 high-definition images, and 40 videos.

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There's loads of goodies in there for you to look at including the first edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Charles Dickens’s handwritten draft of Nicholas Nickleby, Jane Austen’s teenage writings, the world’s oldest bible Codex Sinaiticus, Nelson’s Battle Plan, written before his victory at Trafalgar, Galileo’s letters and Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks.

There's also a nifty music section with manuscript scores from some of the best-known classical composers, such as Handel, Purcell, Mozart and Schubert, alongside hand-written lyrics by The Beatles - who you may have heard of as the latest band to take iTunes by storm.

Treasures is out in the App Store and Android Market now at an an introductory price of £1.19 (US $1.99) for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android smartphones, and £2.39 (US $3.99) for a HD iPad version.

On 24 January the price will go up to £2.39 (US $3.99) and £3.49 (US $5.99).