In the lead up to Christmas Day Pocket-lint thought it a good idea to replace its regular App of the Day slot with something a little more festive. Then, from one of Pocket-lint's famous all-night brain storming sessions the App-vent Calendar was spawned - the rest is history.

We've been producing Christmas app suggestions of varying quality since the 1 December, and now with the end in sight we thought it might be good sport to feature an app that may well divide the Pocket-lint readership; for some it'll be the best thing since someone decided to spread Marmite on toast, for others it'll be the worst for precisely the same reason. Ladies and Gentleman it's...

Christmas Sweater-ize

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The reason this app may divide the Pocket-lint readership is that it involves placing comedy Christmas wear on photos of yourself, or more likely your nearest and dearest. As the makers, Duck Digital Designs, put it: "test over-the-top sweaters, hats, backgrounds & frames to determine maximum cheesiness", hence some will love it and some will no doubt hate it - enough said.

app vent calendar day 21 christmas sweater izer image 3

It is all pretty straightforward to sweater-ize all and sundry, as you see fit; just choose a photo from your iPhone album, outline areas of your subject with touch points and then add clothing as you see fit - we presume hilarity will then ensue.

Text can be added to all your doctored photos, and then shared via email, Facebook, Twitter...

And if you'd like a sneak peak at what you'll be letting yourself in for, before downloading the app then head over to