Us Brits are obsessed by the weather aren't we?

We mean, if we had a pound for everyone that spoke to us about the weather today, we'd have £3 - enough to buy a can of Cherry Tango, a pack of Haribo Tangfastics and a bag of pickled-onion Space Invaders.

Basically, we'd be living the dream.

So, what's more perfect for a weather obsessed nation, in a time of severe weather, than a weather app? And as such, we present...

App Store

Okay, so technically this isn't a new Christmas app. It is merely a Christmas-themed update to an app that you may well already be familiar with.

But, if you have stumbled across Weather HD before then you'll know just why we love it.

Sure, there may be better apps out there in terms of detailed weather forecasts. There are probably apps with a lot more information and accurate satellite imagery as well.

But we bet that you can't find a weather app that look as jaw-droppingly beautiful as the imagery on Weather HD. And what's that flying past in the distance? Could it be Father Christmas and his reindeer? You bet your sweet ass it is.

app vent calendar day 17 weather hd christmas edition ipad  image 4

The update adds some fantastic Christmassy imagery to the standard app, our favourite being the falling snowflakes - you almost wanna put your tongue out and catch one. Don't though. The iPad screen isn't lick-friendly and it's probably covered in germs.

After setting your location you can get weather forecasts in daily or three hourly intervals with the forecast displayed with a superb, crisp looking video. And, if the forecast is for night-time then the videos are all shot at night.

app vent calendar day 17 weather hd christmas edition ipad  image 3

The time is displayed as well, so if you set your iPad on a stand, and leave it out on Christmas Eve then the big guy will be able to check that he's on schedule when he's dropping off your presents (and, in our case, picking up the cleaning bill from leaving his dirty footprints all over our Shearling Lunar sheepskin rug last year).

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Check out the chances for just 59p with Weather HD for the iPad.