Pocket-lint’s App-vent Calendar has served up a selection of festive apps to help or entertain you count down to the big day.  This has been mostly dominated by iPhone apps, but let’s face it – other app markets don’t seem to be able to keep place with Apple’s rampant App Store.

So when we stumbled upon a “holiday” themed game for the BlackBerry (admitted also available on iPhone, ahem, and costing you a whole £1 more here on the BlackBerry), we jumped at the chance to play it and bring you the “festive fun”.

Collapse Holiday Edition

BlackBerry App World

When it comes to dubious Christmas links, Collapse Holiday Edition takes the biscuit. The Christmas connection is essentially a wintery theme, with a selection of Christmas related paraphernalia, available in the game, like a reindeer costume, or the ubiquitous Santa Claus outfit.

The theme added to the “Holiday Edition” is almost as laughable as the attempt at bringing a plot to what is essentially a block busting game.

app vent calendar day 18 collapse holiday edition blackberry image 5

You travel around various lands completing the block-busting challenges by selecting blocks of a similar colour to remove a certain number of lines, often with a time limit. Perhaps we’ve over sold that a bit.

You don’t really travel around lands, but rather than move from “level 1” to “level 2” as one conventionally might in this type of game, instead you have this ruse of moving from one place to another, battling with bosses (who drop Christmas presents into the blocks you’re trying to bust) and so on.

app vent calendar day 18 collapse holiday edition blackberry image 4

It’s not that Collapse Holiday Edition isn’t fun – the actual game itself is – but we thought it was worth a spot on the App-vent Calendar purely on the basis of tenuous links to Christmas. Of course, this game is part of a family of popular Collapse games, and it might fill the odd 10 minutes whilst waiting to get the train home from these last few days of work.