There can't be many of us who haven't at some point thought it would be a good crack to perform some impromptu amateur surgery on a sickly friend, whether it being pulling a tooth, or removing a troublesome mole.

As a rule this kind of naive knife-play is best kept to a minimum, since even with the best of intentions the results can be less than satisfactory. However, never fear, as our festive app should mean that any yule-tide surgery mishaps should be kept firmly in the virtual realm. It's...

Amateur Surgeon (Christmas Edition)

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This is an update to the already very popular Amateur Surgeon; a game that sees your character, Alan Probe, using a variety of dubious surgical equipment to perform various medical procedures on the injured.

This free app brings a little bit of Christmas to the game, as there are operations aplenty after a mid-air collision with Santa's sled leaves you stranded at the North Pole.

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There are five levels in total, each involving the usual DIY surgery, and although short it gives a good taste of the game for anyone who hasn't played before - as well as a couple of new challenges for those more experienced.

The touch control is good, although it's not always clear what procedure you need to perform next so pay attention to the on-screen prompts.

Although it's clearly not the most tasteful of games, it's a bit of fun and will see you right if you've got a couple of hours to waste during your Christmas holiday.