Pocket-lint's App-vent calendar of apps continues with a service that usually Pocket-lint would encourage you to avoid. Not because of some inherent evil within, but because of the genres innate uselessness.

We're talking about gift guides, where you are asked to type in a variety of data from which the programme should deliver unto the user the perfect gift suggestion - this, sadly, is rarely the case. They sucker in the lazy with promises of a trouble-free Christmas and then drown their hopes amongst the waves of tears being shed by little Johnny, who didn't get the iPhone 4 he wanted. Cruel, very cruel.

However, we might just have found one that is different and might actually come in handy. It's...

Christmas Wrapped

App Store

As Christmas Day draws near, some will be getting into a mild panic/cold sweat about the progress of their Christmas shopping - this needn't be the case. If you're in any doubt of what to give people, booze and food generally go down very well - certain Pocket-linters have been known to get their Christmas shopping done in under the hour by limiting purchases to these two things.

However, this might not always be appropriate, or popular, so the Christmas Wrapped app is probably your next best bet.

app vent calendar day 15 christmas wrapped iphone  image 3

The app is very simple giving four menus: Contacts, Gift List, Gift Ideas and More. All you have to do is build up the list from your contacts, browse the Gift Ideas and assign your chosen pressie to a particular person.

In terms of generating gift suggestions, the process is mercifully short and unlike some other services of this ilk doesn't pretend to know your giftee better than you. Whack in gender, age and amount you want to spend, and a list of ideas will be produced; you can then scroll down and choose the one you want.

There's also a handy locking system so you can shield the pressie info from those who might be using the same phone as you.

Not least, the service will also make a 10p donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation for every download. So by using highly refined data from over 5,000 products, and 250 shops, to generate unique gift suggestions, you can do some good and make some people happy.