There are many facets to the Christmas: Jesus, presents, food, a caring disposition. However one thing you probably wouldn't think of when asked to associate something with this particularly special time of year is the humble Zombie.

Although, that is exactly what our featured app contains: a shed load of zombies. So grab your mulled wine, stick another log on the fire and settle down to some serious...

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
59p or free update

This little cracker of a game brings you all the zombie action you could possibly want, and then sprinkles some Christmas magic over the top. However the real joy comes with the way it turns the whole zombie theme on its head by making you the lead zombie as you attempt to infect as many innocents as possible. Along with the Christmassy feel, there's also a new infinite campaign stage.

As you can imagine it's all in the best possible taste.

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The game controls are all very simple as you can choose to either use you iDevices accelerometer or virtual joystick to move your chosen zombie around the screen. Three are various characters to choose from, but initially just two will be available to you.

And this theme of unlocking runs through the entire game, as you'll also only get one game mode initially. As you progress you'll come across different types of civilian, armed with a variety of different weaponry, all of which you'll have to overcome by way of upgrades.

It's all very casual, but good fun and ideal for anyone who just can't get enough zombie action - even in the run up to Christmas.