In an attempt to bring forth a little Christmas cheer, Pocket-lint has decided to provide you with a whole host of Christmas-related apps over the coming days as part of our app-vent calendar.

And the app featured in this particular edition, is one we at Pocket-lint are familiar with as we have brought word of it before in our regular App of the Day slot. So rules at the ready once again as we get slicing a dicing with...

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
59p (free update with original)

This particular app brings all the joys of cutting up shapes to your fingertips. Previously the reserve of scissors and paper, this fine offering challenges you to slice a variety of shapes into equal parts/surface areas and dishing out points and bonuses for those that get closest.

app vent calendar day 4 slice it christmas edition image 3

Now all this has a Christmas twist with snow falling all around and various elements sporting Christmas Santa hats and the like. However it's not all just graphical changes, as there are also bonus stages to complete, which you'll have access to if you find a special present - awarded after puzzle completion.

Oh yeah, and there's a groovy new "Jingle Bells" soundtrack.

app vent calendar day 4 slice it christmas edition image 4

Onto the game itself, and most of the early stages are pretty basic, with a decent learning curve which builds up to increasingly challenging shapes. There are also hints which you have to earn, but this means that the game is accessible to both young and old players.

There are two ways of cutting; the first using a classic fixed point line drag, however this proved tricky to get the hang of; much better is the multitouch option which allows you to move a fixed line around the screen - we ended up using this the majority of the time.

At 59p it's pretty good value this special Christmas edition is free if you've already shelled out for the original.