Yes, it's the start of something very special on Pocket-lint as your favourite one stop shop for all things app-y is changing, for a limited time, to all things app-y and Christmas-y.

Over the next 24 days if there's an app related to Christmas, no matter how tenuous, we'll do our best to feature it - anything Christmas-y is fair game for the Pocket-lint App-vent Calendar.

So to start us off we've got an app which quite possibly sums up what the whole Christmas season is about, so let's have a Christmas cheer for...


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You'll no doubt see a fair amount of novelty Christmas entrants in our App-vent Calendar, and rightly so as we all need a laugh, however the vinspired app is anything but novelty, as it aims to help young adults (specifically between the ages of 18-24) volunteer for good works around the UK.

app vent calendar day 1 vinspired iphone  image 3

Brought about by The National Young Volunteers Service, the way it works is to allow you to search and apply for 1000s of volunteering opportunities around the country, and with the help of GPS/postcode functions find out about projects closer to home.

And many of these opportunities can be done online, on your phone, wherever you happen to be; as the app also delivers "micro-volunteering opportunities to that can be carried out "on-demand, on the spot".

Examples given include: "offering advice to youngsters while waiting for your bus to arrive, or helping with a few translations for your chosen charity".

“We believe in making volunteering as easy as possible for young people. This app will help youngsters stay connected with the opportunities they feel passionate about. Digital innovation has always been part of v’s DNA and we are continuously looking for ways to use this legacy to help our partners, customers and volunteers. We are thrilled that, through this app, more than 550 voluntary organisations will get their opportunities onto a mobile platform", said Terry Ryall, chief executive at v.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can track your progress as a volunteer, such as ways you've helped and hours clocked up, and it's a great addition to the App Store as well as a great addition, and start, to our Christmas apps countdown.

If you're interested you can follow this link to the vinspired website, which should give you some ideas on how you can help, and for the iPhone app, which is free, follow the iTunes link above.