Firstly, some Countdown based stats for you:

The students' favourite has been running for over 28 years, and was the first TV programme ever shown on Channel 4.

It has run for 63 series and there has been well over 5,000 episodes.

There have been four hosts; Richard Whiteley, Des Lynam, Des O'Connor and Jeff Stelling, and two co-presenters; Carol Vorderman and Rachel Riley.

Once, in 2002, this member of the Pocket-lint team got a nine-letter word - firestorm.

Beat that suckers.

And that brings us nicely onto today's App of The Day....

Countdown - Official TV Show App (iPhone)

iPhone / iPod touch

The official Countdown app has recently launched into the App Store to much fanfare. Okay, perhaps there wasn't any fanfare, or a Call of Duty: Black Ops D-list celebrity packed launch party, but there was much excitement in Pocket-lint towers as we are all massive fans of the TV show.

And, with developers Deluxe Digital Studios launching the game at an introductory price (if you add 8 to 3, times it by 5, and add the another 3 and a 1 you'll get the price in pence), there's no better time to get it downloaded to your iPhone.

app of the day countdown iphone  image 3

After all, whilst Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja are great fun, they aren't all that stimulating for the old grey matter.

The Countdown app lets you play on you own, or with a pal (turn by turn, or over Bluetooth) with short and long games available.

app of the day countdown iphone  image 2

The short term game has one letters round and one numbers round followed by a Countdown Conundrum and the longer term doubles the rounds with a Conundrum at the end.

It's a shame that the long version doesn't give you a full-on multi-round Countdown experience, and it's also unfortunate that you can't play against a virtual CPU as the one player option can be a bit lonely.

But hey, if you're the type that likes Countdown, then you'll no doubt be used to spending time by yourself.

app of the day countdown iphone  image 4

These little faults don't take away from what is a great little title though, and a bargain at just 59p.

We'll finish, like Countdown does, with a conundrum, with the word that best describes this game found within these 9 letters: C T V I A D E D I