We've featured a lot of excellent games applications on Pocket-lint of late, with superb graphics and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Apps like Rage HD and Spider-Man: Total Mayhem have really rocked our world.

However, that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the occasional throwaway application. Especially when it's got the official Back to the Future branding...

Flux Capacitor

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

There really isn't a lot to Flux Capacitor at all, and in all honesty it's probably overpriced at 59p (when you consider that some of Gameloft's titles are currently the same price), but there's something appealing in its simplicity. More so if you're a fan of Back to the Future.

All the app offers is a mocked-up Flux Capacitor, the Y-shaped doohickey that allowed Professor Brown's DeLorean to travel back in time, which is animated and pretends to send you into the past with the graphics and sound effects from the films. Plus, it has the time board, which also doubles as an alarm clock. And, er, there is no and...

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However, some of it is really cool. For example, other than solely flashing the Flux Capacitor when you press the speedometer button (obviously, when it gets to 88MPH), you can also drop a pin anywhere on Google Maps (accessible through the application) and that location will trigger the effects everytime you visit.

It's actually a new feature to the application as, with a previous version, it would do so when you were really travelling at 88MPH. Naturally, that's been removed due to speed restrictions in certain countries, and could have incited the foolish and idiotic to speed. However, the other system is a fair, and safer, alternative.

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One other thing you can do with the Flux Capacitor app, now that it has official licensing behind it, is buy the newly restored versions of the films, or watch a trailer.

Like we said, though, there's little else to recommend it, but if you're the sort of geek (like us) who wants a DeLorean-shaped hard drive on your desk, this is the ideal fun-sized App of the Day to accompany.

And, if it needed another reason for recommendation, this one star iTunes review from cpman12 is surely it: "So bad don't buy it. apparently u travel back in time but u don't it's crap".