It's Friday, it's 6pm so that can only mean one thing - it's beer o'clock.

But before you rush off down the boozer, why not take in the final App of The Day for the week. After all, it's a corker. If you like Take That of course...

Take That

iPhone / iPod touch

Take That are brilliant aren't they? You obviously think so, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this App of The Day feature.

Love a bit of Robbie? Maybe you're a Mark fan? Or perhaps you realise that Gary is the top-man in the Take That scene. Possibly you like one of the other two who we don't know the names of (Jimmy and Harry?).

Look, we'll be honest - we don't really know all that much about the band. But their reunion gigs sold out in about 12 seconds so they must be doing something right, and we're happy to give them a bit of coverage.

And, as official band apps go, the Take That one is really quite impressive.

Included are all the usual suspects that you'd expect to find including news, videos and photos of the band, but there is also a nice community side to the app (including a geo-tagged map feature) as well as Facebook and Twitter integration.

app of the day take that iphone  image 3

And, you can listen to clips from the new Take That album, Progress, and there are also links so you can buy the songs from iTunes. That's right, there are other bands in there apart from The Beatles.

There is also a decent bio of the band, and a discography with cover art flow as well as a comprehensive gig listing page with links to buy tickets (not likely, we know).

app of the day take that iphone  image 4

Basically, it's a one stop shop that Take That fans will love and the rest of the world will ignore.