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iPad (also available on iPhone/iPod touch)

As books go the bible is an absolute classic, it's got everything from miracles to murder, incest to ideology, cripples to crucifixion. There's the good, the bad and the ugly all wrapped up in one, although sometimes weighty, tome.

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However, despite its historical and spiritual importance, accessibility has always been a problem for the book, not because of a lack of distribution - far from it - but due to its layout, small print, and often tricky phraseology. This is where our app comes up trumps.

Whatever the reason for you wanting to read, this app brings accessibility to the bible with a huge selection of different bible translations, which can be flicked through whilst reading.

Individual versus can be highlighted, whereby you'll have the option of copying, or sharing through Twitter and Facebook. There's also a large selection of foreign language versions to choose from.

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There's also a comprehensive search function that brings up plenty of results, so you should find what you're looking for, and there's also the option to download versions for offline use. And if you're in it for the long haul then there are a host of reading plans available including The Gospels, Historical and "Bible in 90 Days" - good luck with that one.

A great resource for some, and a great guide for others - free to download from iTunes now.