Here at Pocket-lint, we see a huge selection of new apps coming in every week across every format under the sun. There are plenty of daft yet addictive apps around, as anyone who has played Angry Birds can tell you, but there are also lots that provide a very useful function, and today we're looking at one of those - The Good Pub Guide 2011.

The Good Pub Guide 2011

iPhone, iPod Touch

The old-fashioned paper-based version of The Good Pub Guide has been a bestseller for the last 29 years, and is something of a bible for boozers. This app decants some of that knowledge onto your Apple mobile device, enabling you to browse 5000 recommendations and independent reviews for pubs all across the country.

You can also get address and location details for an additional 20,000 pubs. If you're in an unfamiliar part of the country and you need to know where the nearest ale house is, then you can search by town, county or post code. The nearest purveyors of beer will then pop up in a list, sorted by distance from where you are. Alternatively, if you're trying to sniff out a beer when in London Town then you can seach by the nearest tube station. You can, of course, also search pubs by name.

app of the day the good pub guide 2011 iphone  image 2

You can also "share" pubs with your friends, so that if you're arranging a night on the sauce via your mobiles, then your pals now have no excuse for turning up at the wrong pub as you will have sent them the address details and picture of boozer in question. The app will also tell you various other bits of vital info, including the opening times and the all-important closing times.

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Whether you're a bearded real ale enthusiast, a lager-loving hipster on a pub crawl, or simply an old soak, then this is most definitely the app for you. Apple warns that you must be at least 17 years old to download the app as it contains "frequent references to alcohol". Well, there's a surprise.