The Times came in for some pretty heavy criticism when it decided to put its online content behind a paywall (thanks for that Rupert).

But, the latest figures indicate that, despite a massive fall in readership, the paywall is bringing in the bucks.

And now The Times has announced its latest online content money-making scheme, courtesy of....


In case you're not familiar with Eureka, it's a monthly science magazine that comes with The Times. And, starting this month, the magazine has been taken to a whole new interactive level by way of an iPad app.

According to the official blurb the app was, "designed as a special interactive edition of the magazine" and its content has been commissioned specifically for the app and is produced by the same team working on the print issue.

"We’re incredibly proud of the Eureka app", said Robert de Souza, digital project manager at The Times. "When we were in the design process we didn’t want to create a purely functional app. Instead, what we wanted was an app that would wow, amaze and excite people, capturing the essence of Eureka in digital format."

We have to admit that the Eureka team over at The Times has done a superb job. Not only is the app incredibly informative (it's a sports-based science edition), it has a number of brilliant interactive features that remind you just what a fantastic media-based tool the iPad is.

Video is combined with audio and animation, along with rich copy to create an incredibly slick feeling publication.

app of the day eureka ipad  image 4

Even the navigation contents page has a nice pinch to zoom out feature so as you can see exactly what's happening in each of the magazine's sections.

Sure, the novelty additions such as title-page animations (for instance a cricketer at the crease getting his eye-in) could be described as unneeded, but when combined with the rich multimedia inclusions, they help to create an overall, futuristic feeling that is only really possible on high-end tablets (which is a group consisting of about two at the moment).

It's easy to navigate, with interactive elements that require you to switch to landscape mode clearly indicated, and a simple tap will present you a full navigation box so as you can fly about the magazine without any bother.

app of the day eureka ipad  image 3

For 59p Eureka is an absolute steal, even when you consider the printed version will be free with The Times. We only hope that this is more than just a one-off special.

The change in the clocks back to Standard Time, may have confused the mob over at Cupertino, but we here at Pocket-lint are a sharp lot, so there's no mix up at our end.

It's 6pm, so that can only mean one thing – it's App of The Day time.