It's a rare thing on AOTD that we look at Facebook apps - largely because they require you handing over privacy rights to third parties - but, on the plus side, they do represent fun and games that everyone can enjoy regardless of their mobile phone choice. Today's tempter will be a strong one for football fans out there - particularly those who enjoy the Champions League. So whether your partial to a Spurs sound seeing off of reigning champions Inter Milan or you'd rather see Chelsea make mince meat of Moscow, then this one is probably for you.


Read all the rules of this Adidas promotional Champions League inspired game and you'll only tie your tiny mind into little knots. It's essentially a glorified version of Scissors, Paper, Stone at its heart but replaced with three dribbling or defensive tricks depending upon which side of the game you're on.

The way it works is that there's a bunch of city maps you choose to play on and you have to start challenging other players for the areas of territory within that. Eventually, when you own enough turf you start picking up achievement badges which all of your Facebook friends can covet/think are totally lame. But before you get to the dizzy heights, you need to actually win contests by selecting which moves in the SPS game you're going to pick.

The slight cheat is that if you manage to win three challenges in a row, you can gain a fourth move which is the unstoppable Adidas F50 boot which makes beating established players rather tough. All the same, it's well worth a crack. Your challenges are even turned into a video simulation so that you can pretend that you can actually do a step over without doing a David Dunn. Play, enjoy but don't forget to rid it from your account when done with it.