Some call it the dream factory while others call it devils' work, but here at Pocket-lint towers it's simply known as app of the day.

For some trains hold a special fascination, possibly even addiction; the arteries of the country during the height of the industrial revolution, they helped develop and alter living and working conditions throughout the land.

So what better way to pay homage to this great technology than with an iPhone app, and like the  transport it emulates it too will form a fascination and addiction that will be very hard to shift.


This little genm of a game has been around a little while, but is being featured on app of the day for three good reasons: it's had a recent update, it appears to be on sale and it's a cracking game.

app of the day trainyard iphone  image 2

If you're not familiar with the title, the premise is very straight forward: guide different coloured trains from their point of departure to their destination by building track within a gridded environment.

Simple and addictive, the games learning curve is just about right, and there's certainly enough differentiation to keep you coming back for more.

There are over 100 main puzzles with 50 bonus ones, and even a colour blind mode. The update to version 1.16 provides Retina display support, complete engine overhaul, harder puzzles, multitask support and various crash fixes.

Best of all if you're qick you can get it for 59p, can't be bad.