There are some apps you will download and keep forever. This app is neither of them but for more interesting reasons than you might think. The first is that it's total novelty and, for a bonus reason not to play it, it's also the app most likely to destroy your phone that we've ever seen. On the other hand, this piece of software represents an historic occasion.

Your browser!

Juke Power-Up is an app created and branded by Nissan but it also happens to be the first ever app created entirely in Flash and, since Android can now cope with Adobe's web graphics platform, you can play it straight in your phone browser. In fact, you have to. It's not available to download from the Android Market at all.

The app itself is a pretty basic piece of entertainment. Essentially, shake the phone as fast as you can in a couple of different directions and it'll give you a score of how vigorously you've done so. The faster you go, the higher pitched the accompanying sound simulation of a car accelerating gets. The aim is to then beat your score and we guarantee there'll be some phones flying when the competition gets hot and the booze starts flowing on a Friday night down the Dog and Droid.

We're not going to say that Juke Power-Up isn't fun. It's briefly amusing, but what is worth seeing as an Android user is the seamless way you can play it as if it were actually taking place on your handset. Naturally, you need an internet connection to do so but it's an excellent glimpse at what's possible, particularly given that app space on your mobile can often be at a premium.

Oh, and the reason Nissan have sponsored it is because just like them, it represents innovation. There's also an ad for the Nissan Juke you can view if you wish.