Most people like to think that they're a little bit on the brainy side, and if there's any way of showing off said braininess to others then the majority will jump at the chance.

Well fortunately the Mensa Brain Test app will allow you to do just that; so get your thinking caps on and a plate full of brain food - we hear fish is very good - as we give you the low-down.

Mensa Brain Test


This admittedly won't be everyone's cup of tea, as it may produce a result that you're not that happy with. However, as this is the official Mensa app, with real Mensa questions, that real-life Mensa people have answered, don't be too dismayed. As the blurb goes: "The official Mensa Brain Test is now available on iPhone and iPod touch. The worldwide organization for people with an IQ in the top two percent invites you to take the definitive brain test".

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During our review of the app we scored 40. We're not sure what a score of 40 actually means, we just hope that it puts us above most mammals; cleverer than an elephant, perhaps just below a chimp.

But as with most things, after a bit of practise results begin to improve and you'll start to get the hang of how to approach each question. Question types cover a very of different areas, such as logic, mathematics, language and visual puzzles.

The app itself works well and has three types of timed test; 20 mins being the shortest through to 60 mins at the other extreme. What is the length of the medium test? Answers on a postcard.

There's also a warm-up exercise which gives you five quick questions to get you into the swing of things. For the money, £1.19, it seems reasonable value if not fantastic - however it should keep you coming back for more in the hope of improving on previous scores.